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FasTalk Application Server
Application Server written entirelly in Smalltalk. Two interfaces - FastCGI protocol and direct HTTP 1.1 protocol connections. Written with the help of Peter William Lount (
Publicly available file-outs for Smalltalk/X from
PDF Reporter Library
Multi-level library used for a direct pdf file creation with 3-level reporter tool. Direct access allows a programmer to build a pdf structure using classes mapped to pdf objects. Reporter tool processes the given model data using an XML template. There are 3 levels of complexity.
Publicly available file-outs for Smalltalk/X from
STSH - Smalltalk Shell Scripting
This small and very simple package allows you to create the scripts interpreted with smalltalk. Currently based on Smalltalk/X 5.2.2 and compilled for FreeBSD 5.2.1. The demo cgi script is:
'Content-type: text/plain

' print.
'Smalltalk Script test' printCR.
#('PATH') do: [:aName |
 (aName , ': ', (OperatingSystem getEnvironment:aName))
'.' printCR.
And the result of running is
Publicly available archive for FreeBSD 5.2.1 from stsh.tgz
XATP Protocol Implementation
XATP Protocol implementation following the specifications from
Publicly available file-outs for Smalltalk/X from